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Online Lent Calendar  

Following our very popular online Advent Calendar, we have created another online calendar, this time for Lent.  The theme is God's Creation and how we can care for it.  As before, we have all kinds of adventurous ideas, music and activities!  You  follow daily here


Bishop Christopher's Lent Call 2021  

Each Lent since 1986, successive Bishops of Southwark have called the parishes of the Diocese to a time of prayer and contemplation, through the Lent Call. The theme for this year is food insecurity, and focuses on the work of food banks in our Diocese and food insecurity in places where we, as a Diocese, have strong links: Zimbabwe and the Holy Land.  Each week of Lent there will be a focus on food insecurity in these troubled places where many of our brothers and sisters find it hard to ensure that their families are fed.
"For many in our communities and Link Dioceses, not having enough to eat is sadly and appallingly now a regular occurrence. I urge you all to pray for those in these situations and to consider prayerfully what you can give to help to support them." - Bishop Christopher
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Revd Canon Anna Eltringham appointed as Chaplain to the Queen

Oxted Team Rector Anna Eltringham has been appointed Chaplain to the Queen.The Bishop of Southwark, The Rt Revd Christopher Chessun, who nominated Anna for the position, says, “This is wonderful news! I am delighted that Anna has been appointed as a Chaplain to the Queen and will be for this purpose, alongside her full time ministry, part of the Royal Household. In serving and ministering to people from all walks of life, Anna will bring many gifts and a wealth of experience to the role. We all wish her well and assure her of our prayers.”

On hearing the news of her appointment, Anna says, "I am both surprised and excited to be nominated for this very special honorary role.  There are over thirty Chaplains to the Queen who meet together and are invited to preach at the Chapel Royal annually. Her Majesty the Queen is much admired for her strong Christian faith and her willingness to share it with the nation bringing hope and comfort to many.  It will be a privilege to take on this role and I look forward to it immensely."

An Honorary Chaplain to the Queen (QHC) is a member of the clergy within the United Kingdom who, through long and distinguished service, is appointed to minister to the monarch. Chaplains to the Queen wear a scarlet cassock and a special bronze badge to mark their status. Anna is looking forward to “turning up to services and events across the Diocese wearing it!”